Taizhou Qiaoyicu Textiles Co., Ltd.(Jiangsu Jiangyan Hongli Weaving)

TEL:+86-523-88601235 80770666
Manager:Yang Suping
M.P.:  +86-18605233222

With China' s joining WTO, the competition within textile industry is becoming more and more serious. In order to survive the competition, our plant would somehow try to enlarge our business scale and thereby improve our economic advantages. We would hold the company spirits of  "solidarity, practical, high quality, high efficiency, struggling, innovation", and would adhere to the principle of  "by quality we build our brand, by sincerity we win our customers, and by professional service we create our future". We would try our best to improve our management and set up modern business administration system, management idea of mass customization and individual character, making "Hongli" a well-known brand in China, even in the whole world.